Unless you really want to be here,
or if you're really brave.
After all, this is Bricklight Studios.

That's right. It's my web page, not
It'll be moved and replaced
by a corporate site eventually, but
for now, it's purposefully unprofessional.

I do lots of cool stuff, because not having fun
would be boring. I've done corporate stuff,
but I like to be creative, and maybe I'll let you
in on what I really like to do.

As long as you're here, check my videos, music,
favorite programs, CGI, music videos, games,
websites, pictures, projects and stuff about me.

If you really feel daring, you could try to contact me.

Sunset California 5.23.21

Beach Ball Valley 4.5.16

Leap Motion Minigolf 11.9.15

Stereo 3D Splash 9.18.15

Throw Stuff Around 12.11.14

Giant Ice Spikes! 3.13.14

Fun App game! 1.13.14

Motion Control Game 2.23.13

How to Shoot 3D 3.8.12

3D Kiteboarding 1.17.12

Stereo Macro 3D 7.30.11

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