Motion Control Games for the Razer Hydra (or Stem)

I purchased a razer hydra, because it looked awesome, but it ended up not doing what I wanted, so I learned to program and started making my own games for it.

They're all freeware, and can be modded in blender game engine (also freeware).

Tofu Alley
Space Robot Shooter: Beta
Unspeakable Violence: Unreleased
Drone Wars: Beta
Airshow 3D Skywriting
Hydra Sculpting
Hydra 3D Paint
Hydra Pong
Python / BGE razer hydra kit

Tofu Ally Motion Control Game Title!

Tofu Alley - Razer Hydra Exclusive Motion Control Minigame

Tofu is flying out of a dark alley into the streets of citiopolis, and there is only one way to stop it! You!

You, great master of the flying bats, have been chosen to save the city from Dr. Vegetarious' flying tofu. You must keep the city safe until the mayor bans flying tofu forever.

This minigame demonstrates one of the many possibilities of motion control: the ability to reach right into the game, and swing the bats with 1:1 accuracy. The harder you swing in real life, the harder you hit in the game.

You've never played like this before. It's not a gimmick, it's a new genre. It's the way you always wanted to play.

Availible Now.

Additional Information

2 Players Coop availible: you each get one bat.
Network Play Unavailible.

3rd and 4th players control tofu using keyboards.

You cannot play the game without a Hydra.

Interlaced, Side by Side, and Anaglyph 3D are supported.

You cannot use nVision 3D to play this game, because nVidia disables OpenGL 3D on gaming cards.

System Requirements

Razer Hydra

Sixense Drivers Tested, Razer Drivers Probably work too.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 32/64 bit.
170MB Hard Disk Space

Works on

Windows XP 32, Windows 8 64 bit
nVidia GTX 465 2GB
AMD Phenom 2 1100T 3.3Ghz x6
4GB Memory

Fails on

Windows XP
Intel 82915g/GV/910GL Onboard 128MB Graphics
Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz
512mb Memory

Linux and Mac are untested, but may work.

Windows XP is required for 7.1 Surround Sound.

There is also a "light" version and a quarter res texture pack availible for older computers.

Space Robot Shooter Minigame.

Dodge, duck, and fire back on the fiendish waves of robots, connecting one hydra to yourself, and using the other as a ray blaster.

It's basically a rip-off of hydra cover shooter, but for people without a rift.

Download standalone beta release

Unspeakable Violence In Full Control: A Title!

Unspeakable Violence: In Full Control.

Think you're a pro gamer? Well son, the game has changed.

We here in the future don't care about how well you can point and click, we care about how well you can rip apart worlds... with your own hands.

UVIFC is a motion control game based on the Razer Hydra motion controller using Sixense technology.

You're given control of a robot, and its hand movement follows your own, giving you unprecedented access to 1:1 sword fighting, wrestling moves, dual wielding, dismembering robots, shooting behind yourself, and in general, wreaking more havoc than you could imagine.

That's right. If you're looking for the future of gaming, that future is here now. Just click the download link that doesn't exist because this game is still in development, and rock the world.

This game will demonstrate motion control playability in advanced combat / fps gaming.

Release date: Your face is a release date!

Drone Wars Motion Control Game Title!

Drone Wars Motion Control Minigame.

Battle a friend, or just chill in the sky with Drone Wars' natural flight control interface. Explore 4 inventive worlds, launch guided missiles, fire ray guns and crash into stuff!

This minigame demonstrates flight and aim control in motion control gaming.


Fire Gun = Trigger
Fire Rocket = Bumper
Guide Rocket = Joystick
Detonate Rocket = Start

Respawn = 3

Calibrate = 4
Calibrating sets the center of the calibration zone. You can move up to 1 foot in any direction to send your drone in that direction.

Thrust = Moving your controller off of the calibrated origin.
Pitch / Yaw / Roll = Rotating your controller.

Hold 1 on both controllers to get back to the menu

Push in the Right Joystick to enable splitscreen.


Beta Release: Beta 1: 7MB Download and play inside Blender 3D

Once blender is intalled, doubleclick the Drone Wars link, hit Ctrl+Left. Then Alt+F11. Then P.

Stereo 3D settings can be adjusted inside blender for various 3D display types. (but they must be adjusted on all levels as well as the menu)

3D Tech Demos.

These work best with interlaced 3D displays in Blender 3D.

Airshow Skywriting
Fly around painting the air in 3D. It's actually quite amusing.

Hydra Sculpting puts a 10x10x10 block sculpture in your left hand, and a sculpting tool in your right.

Hydra Paint gives you the ability to draw fancy glowing lines in 3D!

Motion Control Pong is pong, but you can use your hydra for 1:1 control. (not 3D)

Make your own motion control games.

Seriously. Use Blender 3D and the supplied template, and you'll be up and running in no time... or should I say hacking? Download v01 Here

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