I make Motion Control Games for the Razer Hydra

It doesn't have enough games taking advantage of its awesome technology, so I'm learning how to program them myself. I started making games in Blender 3D / Python. I'm transitioning to Unreal Engine 4 / C++ for its VR, 3D, Graphical and Audio capabilities.

Most projects here are small explorations of motion control, but some are full games. Motion Control games can be more intuitive than traditional controllers, opening up gaming to a much wider audience. Follow this page, or over on facebook.

I hope that you take a look at these games, play 'em with a friend, and program better motion control games for me!

Don't wait, grab all the games right now, just download this folder.

You'll need Blender 3D 2.75

These games require Blender 2.75a x64. I could release all these games as standalone downloads, but it's faster to grab blender once, and then grab games for <1mb each.
You may need Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable (x64)
and Python 3.4.3 Windows x86-64 MSI installer.
If you really can't run x64, contact me!

Blender Game Engine Games

Drone Warz
Tofu Alley - Crazy Tough 3D Motion Control
Throw Stuff Around - Car Sport
Stunt Control - Car Stunts
Space Robot Shooter - Hydra Cover Shooter Ripoff
Ghost Dude RPG - Top Down Action
Ghost Town Shootout


Pong - Pong
3D Ping Pong
3D Horrible Paddle Game - This is a horrible game.

Tech Demos

3D Airshow Skywriting
3D Paint
3D Voxel Sculpting
Motion Capture for Blender 2.70 - 2.75 soon!

Unreal Engine 4 Games

These games are standalone, and can be played on high power systems.

Unspeakable Violence: In Full Control - Unreleased

Drone Warz Motion Control Game Title!

Drone Warz: Motion Control Party Game.

Battle 7 friends, or just chill in the sky with Drone Warz' natural flight control interface. Explore 5 inventive worlds, launch guided missiles, fire semi-interesting guns and crash
into stuff! It's the split screen Home Theater Game you never knew existed!
Easily join / quit games in progress with its party friendly design.

This minigame demonstrates flight and aim control in motion control gaming.


Crazy Awesome Razer Hydra Motion Control Interface

Gamepad / Mouse / Keyboard support
Single Player
Local Splitscreen Multiplayer / Hotseat - Join / Quit games in progress.
2-8 Player Split Screen

11 weapons
5 Game Modes
5 Worlds
1 powerup


Download Drone Warz from IndieDB
Download Drone Warz 1.3.4 Instead!
or Stand Alone No Hydra Drone Warz if you don't have a hydra or blender installed.

Drone Warz Controls: Download / View

scripts/Setup.py has settings 'n' stuff you can hard code.

Stereo 3D settings can be adjusted for various 3D display types.
(but they must be adjusted on all levels as well as the menu)

Tofu Ally Motion Control Game Title!

Tofu Alley - Razer Hydra Exclusive Motion Control Minigame

Tofu is flying out of a dark alley into the streets of citiopolis, and there is only one way to stop it! You!

You, great master of the flying bats, have been chosen to save the city from Dr. Vegetarious' flying tofu. You must keep the city safe until the mayor bans flying tofu forever.

This minigame demonstrates one of the many possibilities of motion control: the ability to reach right into the game, and swing the bats with 1:1 accuracy. The harder you swing in real life, the harder you hit in the game.

You've never played like this before. It's not a gimmick, it's a new genre. It's the way you always wanted to play.

Download Tofu Alley from IndieDB.
Download Tofu Alley 1.2 instead.

Additional Information

2 Players Coop available: you each get one bat.

3rd and 4th players control tofu using keyboards.

You cannot play the game without a Hydra.

Interlaced, Side by Side, Quadbuffer and Anaglyph 3D are supported.

You cannot use nVision 3D to play this game, because nVidia disables OpenGL 3D on gaming cards.

Throw Stuff Around.

Drive a car around, and throw stuff around. Shoot stuff, throw stuff, flip, drive, jump and win.
It looks basically like Stunt Control, but it's a game.

1v1 splitscreen multiplayer. 1 Hydra for 2 Players.


Stunt Control.

Land crazy stunts in this stunt park using your hand's angular velocity to flip and spin in the air.

Single Player and Split Screen multiplayer. 1 Hydra for 2 Players.

Made with Blender Game Engine - 2.74. Grab Blender for full editing / 3D options.


Space Robot Shooter.

Dodge, duck, and fire back on the fiendish waves of robots, connecting one hydra to yourself, and using the other as a ray blaster.

It's basically a rip-off of hydra cover shooter, but for people without a rift.


Ghost Town Shootout

1v1 Splitscreen - Your hydra is a gun. Shoot the other Ghost's hat off to win.


Ghost Dude RPG

A robot and his Ghost are forced to clean out his basement. The ghost can help by moving through walls. The robot can help by shooting evil slugs that sap the Ghost's happiness. The Ghost is 1:1 control from the right hand, and the robot is based off left hand position.


Tiny Little Games

These work best passive 3D displays in Blender 3D. They're very little and perhaps amusing. Except one. It's horrible. Don't play it.

These games are not very interesting, but might amuse you for a minute or two.

Motion Control Pong is pong, but you can use your hydra for 1:1 control. (not 3D)

3D Ping Pong Like Ping Pong - kinda fun.

Horrible 3D Paddle Game Like ping pong, but Horrible.

3D Tech Demos.

These work best passive 3D displays in Blender 3D.

Airshow Skywriting
Fly around painting the air in 3D. People play this for hours.

3D Paint gives you the ability to draw fancy glowing lines in 3D!
(3D Screen required OF COURSE!)

Voxel Sculpting puts a 10x10x10 block sculpture in your left hand, and a sculpting tool in your right.

Motion Capture for Blender 3D 2.70 Works in the viewport for animation.

Make your own motion control games.

Seriously. Use Blender 3D and the supplied template, and you'll be up and running in no time, or just read the code in my other games. It's very well commented. Each games uses different control schemes, and Drone Warz even works with multiple Hydras, so there's a lot of different ways to start. Feel free to use them as a template to get your game started. you can also try this really old template I made. Download v01 Here

Unspeakable Violence In Full Control: A Title!

Unspeakable Violence: In Full Control.

Think you're a pro gamer? Well son, the game has changed.

We here in the future don't care about how well you can point and click, we care about how well you can rip apart worlds... with your own hands.

UVIFC is a motion control game based on the Razer Hydra motion controller using Sixense technology.

You're given control of a robot, and its hand movement follows your own, giving you unprecedented access to 1:1 sword fighting, wrestling moves, dual wielding, dismembering robots, shooting behind yourself, and in general, wreaking more havoc than you could imagine.

That's right. If you're looking for the future of gaming, that future is here now. Just click the download link that doesn't exist yet because this game is so futuristic, it hasn't even been released yet!

Details some time in 2015.

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