I made a page for you.

You and I might get along. Maybe we'll work on a project together. Maybe you're just the guy who mows my lawn. If you are, well, this is somewhat awkward for me. I don't have a guy who mows my lawn. How's it goin'?

So, you and I should probably hang out, or do some epic project some time. I like people, and I'm guessing you're a person, or a robot someone hired to come visit me.

You're probably either enjoying the fun way I've linked everything together, or you're somewhat angry at me for not having menus. Hey, this site isn't for everyone.

So, whoever you are, know that I'm smiling as I write this, because I'm working on making the world a brighter place for you. Unless you like documentaries. I really don't like documentaries. =P

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