I used to design websites.

I didn't tell people, because I'd rather do cooler stuff I'm better at. I'm good at it though, so I end up doing it every now and again to help friends out.

When I create websites, I draw on the creativity and technical knowledge I use to create films, games, and music. I believe this gives me a unique perspective on content presentation and arrangement.

I often use wordpress, but I code smaller sites with notepad++. I hand code almost everything to keep it neat. I often put real 3D elements into websites, instead of just faking 3D elements in a 2D editing program. I prefer PHPBB forums, but don't know PHP. For serious web design tasks, I refer clients to my friends who do web development for real.

I designed the layout of this site in a few hours many years ago, giving it a purposefully annoying basic user unfriendly approach. Then I spent many more hours typing in all the content. The Sugar Spear Chronicles is a pretty HTML site I designed, and EckOp.com showcases a wordpress style site I set up and build the layout on.

If you like what I do with websites, and need a simple page, ask somebody else first, but if you love my style, let me know. We can probably work something out.

Copyright 2015 Paul Eckhardt