My camera lives in my pocket.

I saw a pretty white flower, and an orange flower while rollerblading.

I sometimes take pictures out of cars. That's how I got the site background. I take pictures on music video sets, of cracks in ice, sunrises in grass, sunsets on frozen lakes, caves I could walk to in Texas, my hand, dudes who should star in action movies, my midi keyboard, and even food.

Food desktops help you remember to eat. That was one amazing hamburger.

I don't know if I'll ever put them all online or organize them or what. Having 200GB of pictures that just idle on my computer is my shortfall in life. Do you have any suggestions?

Texas Caves is one of the most popular searches for my website because of the high quality image I'm hosting here. Here's a nice high res image of Glacier National Park which I'm going to try to score hits with.

I love taking 3D pictures. I'll eventually find a good way to get them on here. Since VR is getting popular, I may set it up for that!

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