I like to make music.

I also have a really good memory. Thus, when I did piano lessons, I remembered all the songs, and just played without learning what I could have actually been learning. Then I started making mods for video games, and needed my own music. I originally wanted some good music for a battle and searched for songs titled battle. Later I learned that not all battle soundtracks were named battle or war. Also, all the songs the game could play were in a weird file format, .mod, that media player couldn't play.

My brother, who was responsible for helping me memorize all the piano lesson songs downloaded a program called Modplug Tracker. It could play .mods, and allowed me to make them, and my digital song writing began. (I must add that I did make a few songs using sound recorder; layering humming and clicking to mimic the Command & Conquer Generals website theme song)

I joined a band as a lead singer. I won't talk about that here much.

I used Modplug Tracker to start making songs, when I should have been doing school work, and ended up making some pretty decent tunes. Then in 2004 or 5 or 6, I was given Magix Audio Studio and Music Maker for my birthday, and started making loop based and Midi based songs. A friend of mine, into making people's dreams come true, liked my style, and bought me Reason 3.0 so I could make music for his TV show. I hadn't originally wanted it, but I heard that Andy Hunter used it, so I figured it would be worth a shot. I also got a Creative Prodikeys Keyboard / Midi Keyboard for a Birthday gift.

Reason is the coolest song making program I've ever had. I've made tons of songs, and they're all just sitting on my computer. I love making songs with it. It's been the top program on my start menu since it arrived, Fall 2006.

My brother kept practicing piano, and doesn't need to fix any notes in post. He just records audio straight out of his big fancy keyboard, and writes cool songs. I never thought what I made was that good comparatively. However, I let some people listen to it, and everyone liked it. I was supprised. I scored a few film projects, and people told me I should put my stuff online.

So, after years of keeping all my tunes to myself, I decided to put them online. Check 'em out here..

Oh, I can play dubstep live.

And another thing. I always try to make happy tunes. If it's not happy, I usually try again until I make something happy sounding.

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