A sweet tank game Designed by Paul Eckhardt

I'm a serious RTS gamer.

Westwood Studios' Command & Conquer series is my favourite line of games because it focuses not only on speed, but on tactical superiority giving me the ability to apply creative force. I can win games because I know what you'll be looking at and what you're going to forget about, instead of just being faster than you.

I also enjoy playing freeware games because they are often more unique than mass produced games. My current favorite is Meteor 2. It's a very moddable top down shooter, with almost every feature of modern FPS games. I modded it into a Real Time Strategy Shooter, and into an action RPG: Ravagers of Time. I also recommend Age of Invasion, CDogs 2, Liquid War, Sopwith 2, and Slugs 2

I often host LAN parties where everyone plays together in the same room, and I play online as Puzzabug. GLHF!

I also like parcheesi, canasta, word games, frisbee, running, biking, kayaking, and some crazy game I play like an FPS in real life with cameras.

I also make games, I made a board game with wooden tanks. I also made a tabletop RTS with Creepy Crawlers.

I acquired a Razer Hydra and make motion control games.

I currently game in Home Theater 3D, 3DVision Surround 3D and with the HTC Vive. I'm looking forward to augmented reality gaming with mm accurate gps. Check here in 1 year!

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