I'm really creative

I understand a vast number of programs. I understand a large amount of artistic theory on how to make things amazing. Nearly everything I imagine can be created through my ability to operate technology, and with the right effort, I can make it outstanding.

I often find myself using a slew of packages and techniques do create unique and powerful pieces. I merge digital and real life by printing, physically modifying and scanning 2D elements. I build scripts in image editing software applications to batch process still frames, and use node based compositing instead of actual image editing strokes allowing my vision to be easily projected across a video rather than a few lonely frames.

I'd like to build a true video distortion machine, so I can distort video physically, instead of using a silly filter that creates a completely unrealisic distortion.

I build computers, know what F/stop and shutter angle really mean, and know how convergence and interaxial distances need to be set for varying screens. I use custom lenses on my projects, and can get basically any lens created for any camera.

Now it's 2015, and I'm working in VR. There's so much to create and test and try out there, it's incredible. I'm tempted to become a fully VR film maker.

Copyright 2015 Paul Eckhardt