I've worked at fortune 500 companies.

Every now and then, I put on fancy shoes, and help out businesses like Target, Bestbuy, Tivo, General Mills, Medtronic, and ReMax. I operate on camera telepromper and presidential teleprompers at live events. Sometimes, I work as a camera operator, or grip. Medtronic has a nice lunch room, but so far, General Mills has had the best food I've ever had at a company lunch room.

I enjoy being helpful, being on time, and being on set, even if I never get to see the final video product. I'll never really fit in with a huge company, even if I had a sweet office like the ones I usually set up in.

Teleprompting live events is an extremely stressful and exciting activity. After an hour of setting up gear, and sometimes longer formatting, checking and revising scripts, I get to wait and watch everyone eat fancy food. Then I roll speeches for an hour or more. It's super intense, because if I mess up, the speaker will mess up and all the executives and millionaires in the audience will glare at me, and maybe even hurl their fancy after dinner tea cups in my direction. No, I've never messed up anyone's speech.

If you're interested in having me teleprompt for your event or production, visit VenUS Directions It's my friend's company. He's pretty cool, and even got a new website.

Aside from helping with speech writing, I don't really get to be creative in corporate video, but I do have fun. Touring large companies is like going on field trips, except they're led by executives and marketing directors. It's pretty rad.
For now, I'm mostly out of corporate video, and focusing on creative visual storytelling.

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