Bricklight Studios was coined around 2001, when I was making movies with Lego Bricks and stop motion. The name stems from the Spielberg Lego film sets, which contributed funds to the Starlight Foundation. I have one film set, but started shooting with a Lego Mindstorms USB camera from my Grandparents. I also have two Mindstorms sets which I'm going to eventually build into robotic camera heads for special effects in moving shots.

I toyed with the name Lightforce Studios, but it's taken and Bricklight isn't. So, I decided to go with Bricklight Studios. It's a cool name. I've made a few logos for it, and particularly like the firebird logo. It has a smashing animation that goes along with it.

To be honest, the animation isn't smashing enough yet, so I'm going to make one that's even better, and put that up. I always see myself as being in competition with major motion picture studios, and feel that my work must always come out looking as good.

Anyways, if you haven't noticed, this isn't really a studio yet, but if things proceed on track, it will end up as an actual organization that specializes in awesome movies, games, music videos and teaching filmmaking around the world.

Copyright 2011 Paul Eckhardt