Hi, I'm that guy on the front page.

I'm not sure you really need another page
that's about me, you've got the entire site,
but I may as well put some cool stuff here.

I'm pretty nice, I'm awesome, and I'm tall.
It's good being tall. I can change lights
catch birds, and ride on clouds.

I'm going to make a video where little
clouds get stuck on stuff and taste like
cotton candy, which gives the film a really
sweet ending. =)

I have many online tags, and lots of content
all over the Internet. It's a bit confusing,
because I didn't have a clear idea of what my
online identity would be like, or what to do
if I got famous and people were trying to find
strange things out about me to write in books.

I tried creating a different identity with each
screen name to operate independently using
different skills and in different areas.
This wasn't a great idea, and now I'm moving
toward using my real name everywhere.

I am Paul Eckhardt, aka

In case anyone ever claims to have snooped
around and connected my identities, I'll
tell 'em it's too late, I did it first right here!

I'm on Linked in.
I'm on Myspace
I'm on Facebook.

I post random videos on vimeo/bricklight
I post very random videos on yt/puzzabug
My brother posts our game films at yt/cncjohnwe
I post crystal resonance videos and clips
over at yt/thefilmproject
I post information about the project here.

I post secret videos for a secret project
somewhere on youtube, but I won't say where.
My band is on myspace and facebook
I update Meteormods.com
and moderate on its forums with flair.

I lurk at Christian Filmmakers Forums
and occasionally post on robotsoup.
I also have a secret project I work on here =)

I like to kayak, sail, ski, mountain bike, game
and have fun in general. How about you?

Copyright 2014 Paul Eckhardt